Lancaster Mall In Salem Oregon

lancaster mallThe Lancaster Mall (nowadays called Willamette Town Center, but it is best known by its former name) is perhaps the biggest, most popular mall in the entire area of Salem, Oregon. Opened in 1971, its surface spans over 60,000m counting the retailers in the surrounding area and it includes branches from many extremely popular retailers such as GameStop, Hobby Lobby, Jo Anns, Home Goods, and Best Buy amongst many others.

If you are looking to visit, the mall opens after 11. You will not only be able to shop there but also find many different restaurants and entertainment providers: Applebees and Red Robin are some of our favorites, and once you are done with your dinner you can go to Regal Cinema Stadium to watch a flick.

Lancaster Mall is a popular site for tourism, fun, and dates and it is a must-go if you are visiting Salem, Oregon!

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Willamette Town Center, 831 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97301